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Product : 8-BM


The Fromeco Load Checker is a buttonless 1.0amp load checker. We have designed our new Load checker to be about as simple as they come. Plug in your battery and wait for readings. We named the 8BALL after those little fortune telling, question answering toys that look like 8BALLS. Unlike the toy 8BALLS, Fromeco's 8BALL gives you the right answer every time.

  • Displays the Unloaded DC Voltage of your Relion Battery Packs
  • Displays Voltage under a 1.0amp Load
  • No fly warning at 7.0 Volts under a 1.0amp load


  • New 8 Ball goes into a Digital Voltmeter mode after the Load checks have completed.
  • New 3 Digit LCD, now reads to .01VDC.
  • Display readable in sunlight.
  • New small size, about the size of a deck of cards.
  • New Billet Aluminium Case, strong enough to drive nails with.  Chamfered edges that allow you just put in your pocket and pack around with you.
  • Rough finish does not show scratches.

8 Ball Mark II Load Checker for 7.4 & 12.6 VDC Lithium Ion and Lithium Polymer Batteries only

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