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MT-70 Mount for 70 mm Diameter Canister Mufflers

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3W Canister Mufflers
Save your flying field, and gain more power!
3W Canister Muffler Specifications - Copyright Aircraft International

3W Canister Muffler
Exhaust Header Suggested Length Chart

3W ( S )  Canister Muffler

10 Inches

3W ( M )  Canister Muffler

10 Inches

3W ( L )  Canister Muffler

7 3/4 Inches

3W (LL)  Canister Muffler

6 1/4 Inches

3W (XL)  Canister Muffler

8 1/2 Inches

Suggested lengths only
Actual lengths can vary approximately +/- 1 inch
(Measured on center: from cylinder exhaust port, around
header curve, excluding neck of 3W canister muffler)


3W Produces many different canister sizes
to fit all of their many engines.
They can also fit other brand engines.
Call us for more details

3W Canister Muffler, Coupler, Clamps, and Header

Teflon couplers and steel spring clamps
make installation quick and easy.

3W Canister Mount

Canister holders / mounts are available in many
sizes to fit 3W Canister Mufflers as well as
KS Tuned Pipes.

3W Canister Muffler with Mount attached

We have a complete line of exhaust
solutions for your project.

Call our staff to find out how easy it is
to equip your project with a quieter,
higher performance exhaust system.

3W Canister Muffler with Mount attached