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PB6310 PowerBox Sensor

Price : $112.00

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Max. Constant Current   2 x 6 Amp
(12 A Total)
Power Supply   2 Batteries of either...
5-8 Cell NiCD / NiMH
2-3 Cell Lithium Polymer
2-3 Cell Lithium Ion
Temperature Range   14° F to 131° F
Working Voltage   6.0 V to 11.1 V
Current Drain   60 mA
Voltage Loss   0.2 V


Instruction Manual

175 KB
Operating Instructions
150 KB .PDF Format

Price: $ 114.00
  • Double linear regulators provide a constant 5.8V redundantly to your receiver
  • Switch design is low-profile to avoid
    accidental operation
    (no more accidental shut-off / turn-on)
  • Both Batteries Separately Switchable
  • Low voltage alert
    status LED's report low voltage conditions
  • 3 bright external status LEDs
  • Ideal soution for smaller models like helicopters and smaller airplanes
  • Perfect for twin-spark and 4-cylinder
    electronic ignition systems on 3W Motors