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PowerBox Battery 1500

Price : $78.00

Additional Battery Holder
Power Supply

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Clearance Sale 25 % off as long as supplies last.

1500 Battery
with Holder &
$ 109.00


Battery Holder Kit
Pair of Holders &
Mounting Hardware

$  15.00


Power Supply
Charges TWO Batteries

$ 39.00

Distributed in the Americas
Exclusively By:
Aircraft International, Inc.
Capacity   1500 mAh
Voltage   7.4 Volts
Final Charge Voltage   8.40 Volts
Final Discharge Voltage   6.20 Volts under load
Power Supply Charge Voltage Input for Intgrated Charger   10.0 Volts
+/- 0.10 Volt
Temp. Range Charging   32° F to 140° F
Temp. Range Disharging   32° F to 140° F
Weight Including Wire   4.00 oz.
Weight of Battery Holder   0.40 oz.
Dimensions   3.50" x 1.75" x 0.625"
Length of Cable   11 in.
Connector Type   Available with JR or
6 Pin Multiplex Connector

  • Charger is built into each battery
    and only weighs a couple of grams
  • Integrated charger means no charging horror stories or battery damage
  • Uses a simple AC adapter to charge
    ( No expensive chargers to buy or
    learn how to program and use )
  • Integrated temperature monitoring
    prevents battery damage
  • Unique Lithium-Polymer battery chemistry allows high current delivery for giant-scale applications where Typical 'consumer' LiPoly cells can't
  • Exceeds the performance of a 2800 mAh
    Lithium-Ion by over 25% with a
    weight savings of 25%!
  • Battery holder design saves money by allowing easy battery exchange between airplanes for only a few dollars per plane
  • Battery case design is nearly indestructable fiber reinforced plastic
  • Holder design is made from Delrin for flexibility and durability. It prevents vibration and protects your investment.
  • Battery holds 95% charge after a year
  • Unique Lithium-Polymer cell chemistry was developed specifically for PowerBox Systems by Ionity AG, Germany

Instruction Manual

150 KB
Operating Instructions
150 KB .PDF Format