3W F8F2 Bearcat

The F8F was Grumman's last production in a line of piston-engined fighters which began with the FF-l when the company was set up in 1931. The company designated the project G-58 and development started in 1943. The requirement was for a high-performance aircraft capable of operation from even the smallest carrier. The G-58 was dimensionally smaller, but had a similar configuration to that of the F6F. Grumman received an order from the US Navy on November 27, 1943, for two prototypes which were given the designation XF8F- 1. One of the initial design features, and a most unusual one, was the provision of break points in the wings, along with explosive bolts. The purpose of these was to overcome a potentially dangerous situation if the aircraft was handled too vigorously: the tips would fail at selected known points, but balance would hopefully be restored. However, this provision was abandoned at a later stage in the development program, though the wings folded only at the tips. Unlike the Hellcat, the landing gear of the Bearcat retracted inwards.

3W F8F2
 Warbird WingSpan:
 Racer WingSpan:
Weight: 38.5 - 41.5 lbs.
Engine: Designed for:
3W-120, 140, 150

Twin Cylinder Motors

F8F2 Bearcat Kit
Warbird Version
Specify Silver, Navy Blue, or Black GelCoat
F8F2 Bearcat Kit
Racer Version:
Clipped Wings: 88.5", Modified Cowl, Smaller Canopy
Specify White, Chrome, or Yellow GelCoat

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  • Composite construction
  • All composite parts finished in
    a glossy gel-coat with all rivets and panel lines molded in
  • Wing and stab tube sockets installed
  • Wheel door bridges installed
  • Canopy and frame included
  • Retract Mounts Installed
  • Wheel wells pre-cut
  • Servo bays cut out and boxed in
  • Control surfaces pre-hinged