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PB4520 Champion SRS

Price : $495.00

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Independent outputs for: 2 x ailerons
2 x elevators
2 x rudders
Door sequencer: 6 x freely programmable
outputs with set-up assistant
PowerBus: 2 outputs, 16 + 2 channels,
compatible with other servo bus systems
Servo-Match function: servo centre, end-points
and servo reverse for all 24 outputs


  • Operating voltage: 4.0 Volt to 9.0 Volt
  • Power supply: 2 x 5s NiMH/NiCd, 2s LiPo, 2s LiFePo
  • Current drain, Switched on: approx. 185 mA
  • Switched off: approx. 30µA
  • Output voltage: 5,9V and/or7,4V regulated
  • Max. output current: Peak 4 x 20 A
  • Dropout voltage: 0.3 V
  • Servo signal resolution: 0,5µs
  • Signal repeat rate: 9ms, 12ms, 15ms, 18ms, 21ms
  • Screen: LCD 128 x 64 pixels, graphic
  • Servo sockets: 24 sockets
  • Channels: max. 18
  • Telemetry: Spektrum, Hott, M-Link
  • Measures: 136x83x20 mm
  • Weight, including screen and switch: 250g
  • Temperaturbereich: -30°C to +75°C
  • EMV approval: EN 55014-1:2006
  Here at PowerBox Systems we have developed a new High-End product designed to provide supreme functionality and security for the demanding pilot.
Current requirements obliged us to adopt many new ideas during the development period: as well as our new PowerBus technology, which is destined to introduce fundamental changes in the electronic layout of large-scale models as a whole. We shall shortly introduce our PowerBus servo distributor - another in-house development - for the PowerBus. 

In other respects we have retained proven concepts in further developed form. For example, the new Champion SRS is fully programmable using a menu system, controlled with the SensorSwitch and a blue backlit LCD screen; as usual, all battery-specific and flight-relevant data can be displayed on-screen after each flight. 
The door sequencer function feature integral set-up assistants which make it possible to complete the essential set-up procedures in very short order. 
Over the last two years developments in serial receiver bus systems have brought them to the forefront of current technology, and the new Championl SRS features these inputs. 

The Champion SRS features no fewer than four high-performance voltage regulators, allowing the use of both HV servos and conventional 6 V types. With dual security in mind, each pair of regulators can be set to an output voltage of 5.9 V or 7.4 V. 

The Servo-Match and Fail-Safe functions have also been expanded: the software now provides adjustment facilities for all 24 outputs individually, covering servo centre, travels, fail-safe and hold-mode. Servo reverse is available with a single button-press. 
Five different radio control systems - Spektrum, Futaba, Multiplex, Hott and Jeti - can be bound to the Champion SRS, some providing telemetry output of battery-relevant data. 
The Championl SRS can be updated using the USB adapter, and is therefore equipped to cope with new systems in the pipeline and possible future expansions.