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PB8015 PowerBox Smoke Pump Jet

Price : $189.00

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33% Higher Pump Volume than PB8010 Pump


Designed for three modes of operation:

  • Powered and controlled by a PowerBox System 
  • Powered by an external battery and
    controlled directly by the receiver
  • Powered through the receiver battery with internal low-voltage pump cutoff for safety.

PowerBox Smoke Pump - Wire Identification

PowerBox Smoke Pump - Fluid Fitting Identification

 Connected to a receiver and using a separate power source

Voltage Range   6.0 V to 7.4 V
Current Draw   2A @ Full Speed
Weight   4.25 oz / 120 g  
Connectors   Universal (JR / Futaba)
Compatibility   All Radio Brands
Flow Rate   10% to 100% Adjustable
60 to 1000 mL / min
2 to 33 oz. / min

  • Powerbox Smoke Pump Jet has 2 integrated outputs, with a higher capacity.
  • All metal gear pump mechanism
    for maximum durability
  • Tight gear mesh prevents pump from losing prime and allows for higher pumping pressures
  • Surface mount circuitry for durability
    and resistance to vibration
  • Pump Standby: If voltage drops below 5.9V pump stops running to conserve battery power when running off of the
    RX power source
  • High output suitable for turbine jets requiring 450 ml (15 oz.) / min flow rate

The preferred smoke pump of many
top competition pilots like:

Sebastiano Sylvestri
Christoph Paysant le Roux
Thomas Gleissner
Jason Shulman
Ivan Kristensen
Bernd Beschorner
Robert Fuchs
...and many more...
Jet World Champion and Top Gun pilot
Thomas Gleissner uses the PowerBox Smoke Pump in his BAE Hawk at Top Gun

PowerBox Smoke Pump
Variable Speed Demo
Windows Media Player
File Size:
1.4 Mb
1:24 min

Power and Control wires Connected to a PowerBox

Example 8UA Programming
  • Activates pump above approx. 20% throttle
  • Transmitter switch enabled for On / Off control
  • Trim knob enabled to adjust high RPM cut-off
  • Channel 8 (Smoke Pump) proportionally increases in speed when (Channel 3) Throttle
    is increased

Press the keys to enter ADVANCED menu.
Use and keys to move to an unused proportional mix [PMIX].
PMIX-4 was chosen in here since it was the last one available.
Set the master channel to be throttle [THR] and the slave channel to
be channel 8 [CH8]. Channel 7 may also be used as long as Ailevator
[ALVATOR] or Throttle-Needle [TH-NDL] is not being used.

Press the key until you get to the Offset Mix Position [OFST]
screen. We want the mixing to start from low throttle to maximize
what we can get at the high end. Move the throttle stick to idle and
press the and keys at the same time to enter the stick position.
The offset [OFST] field should display 0% .
Press the key a few times to get to the Mixing Rate screen.
Move the throttle stick to the full upward position.
The LEFT number will blink. Set it to -100%.
Move the throttle stick to the full downward position.
The RIGHT number will blink. Set it to 0%.
You can adjust the left number to vary the point on the throttle
stick at which the smoke system would turn on.
Press the key until you see the Switch Assignment screen.
Pick the switch you want to assign to "Smoke ON".
The switch must not be the "Trainer Switch".
Set the "ON" direction of the switch.
This example uses the upper right switch [H] towards the pilot.

Press the key until you see the Linking screen.
Press the key to set linking to [OFF].

Press the key until you see the Trimming screen.
Press the key to set trimming to [OFF].
This example is provided for informational purposes only.
Users of other brands and revisions of radios can use the same concepts outlined here
to achieve similar results. While your radio may be vastly different in programming,
the control mixing concepts can be used as a sample to work from.