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Aircraft Kits - Pre-Fabrication Levels

3W Airplanes are currently not available.
We shall announce here when production resumes.
Please call to inquire about spare parts.
  • Balsa sheeted foam wings
  • Control surfaces cut out, boxed in, double beveled and
    ready to be hinged
  • Tunnel for servo leads installed in wing and stab
  • Servo bays installed in wing and stab
  • Anti-rotation pins installed in wings
  • White gelcoated fiberglass fuselage
  • Wing and stab sockets installed
  • Landing gear support installed
  • Firewall installed
  • Wing incidence pre-set and anti-rotation holes pre-drilled
  • Composite landing gear
  • Fiberglass wheel pants
  • Carbon fiber tailwheel bracket included
  • Tank tray provided for fuel and smoke

All features above (Level 1) plus...

  • Fuselage gel coated in White or Red
  • Wings and tail surfaces covered in Ultracote to match fuselage
  • All control surfaces hinged but not glued
    (most modelers have thier own glue preferences)
  • Hard points installed in control surfaces

All features above (Level 1 & 2) plus...

  • Expertly covered in Ultracote Plus, finely sanded, and painted
  • Paint has a flexing additive to prevent chipping
  • All painted surfaces have a protective clear coat applied
  • Landing gear painted
  • Wheel pants painted
  • All control surfaces hinged but not glued
    (most modelers have their own glue preferences)

All features above (Level 1, 2, & 3) plus...

  • Wheel pants / landing gear installed complete with wheels and axles
  • Tail wheel bracket and wheel installed
  • Canopy trimmed and attached to canopy frame
  • Canopy assembly pre-mounted to fuselage
  • Cowl trimmed to accept 3W canister exhaust system
  • Cowl drilled and pre-mounted to fuselage

Competition Version

  • Most 3W aerobatic planes can be ordered in a Competition Version
  • Fuselage reinforced with lightweight honeycomb composite
    construction vs. rohacell laminations on standard versions
  • All control surfaces 'skeletonized' with lightening holes
  • Overall weight reduction is approximately 2 lbs on 40% planes
  • 3W Yak comes standard as a Competition Version

Many Attractive Paint Schemes

  • Scale schemes available (Wagstaff, Votec 322)
  • Unique airbrush schemes make your plane stand out
    at your flying field


Click Here To View Paint Schemes