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3W Wood Prop
3W Wood Prop

JC Super Props
Aircraft International is pleased to offer a new line of JC Super Props
made specifically for the Horizon CubCrafters XCub 60 cc ARF.

These are high quality wood propellers painted in the black/white color scheme of the full scale XCub.

We offer props for gas engine and electric motors.

JC Super Props X-Cub JC Super Props
Prop Size
Engine Size
23 x 8
55 cc Gas Engine
23 x 8 E
E-Flite Power 360 Motor or similar
23 x 10
60 cc Gas Engine
24 x 8, 12
60cc/61cc Gas Engine
24 x 10, 12 E
E-Flite Power 360 Electric Motor or similar
25 x 12 E
E-Flite Power 360 Electric Motor or similar

Propeller Drilling Jigs
Don't Screw Up That Nice Prop! Drill Your Bolt Holes The Easy Way
Part #


Propeller Drilling Jig - Fits 3W-24i / 28i
Propeller Drilling Jig - Fits 3W-35 to 212
Propeller Drilling Jig
Fits 3W 200iB2F, 212iB4, 220iB4, 240iB4 with Steel Hub
Propeller Drilling Jig - Fits 3W-210 / 240iB2 / 275iB2
Propeller Drilling Jig - Fits 3W-342iB2 / 684iB4