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Motor Break-In


One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is:
"How do I break-in my new motor?"


We suggest you start by using a natural petroleum based two-cycle oil like LawnBoy or one of the other popular petroleum based oils.


We suggest a 32:1 mixing ratio of gas to oil ( 4.00 oz. / gal. ). Don't skimp on oil! Your engine will thank you for it.


The natural oil has mild abrasives in it that help break in your motor quicker. Run 6-7 gallons of the natural oil / gas mixture before switching to synthetic oil.

Q: "Why not just break it in on synthetic?"
A: "The lubrication properties of the synthetic oil are so extremely slick,
it doesn't allow the motor to break in as quickly as with natural oil."


Avoid radical flying and prop hanging!
Fly conservatively until your motor breaks in.


When you switch to synthetic oil, we suggest you use 3W oil for best results. You can mix the 3W Synthetic oil at a ratio of 50:1 or 2.56 oz. / gal.

The 3W oil a a clean burning oil that does not leave harmful carbon deposits like other oils do.

Happy Landings,
The A.I. Tech Department