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Carburetor Manifold

For 3W Motors:
70 - 212cc Multi-Cylinder and 60K - 75iUS Singles

1) Remove the lock nuts from the two threaded studs on top of the carburetor.
2) Place the manifold on top of the carburetor studs
with the large opening facing the firewall.
3) Replace lock nuts.
( $$$ Be CAREFUL not to overtighten or strip any threads $$$ )
4) Install the included section of gasoline tubing from the brass nipple on the manifold to the brass nipple on the diaphragm cover plate.

For diaphragm coverplates without a pre-installed vent nipple...
- Remove the front plate carefully without removing the diaphragm or gasket
- Degrease the cover plate
- Lightly sand the area near the vent hole with fine sandpaper
- Solder the included vent nipple over the hole in the cover plate
- Make sure the hole and inside of plate are clear from solder
- Re-install the cover plate


Cut clearance or breather holes in your cowl or firewall if necessary.