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The Rear Induction System

Benefits of the 3W Rear Induction System:

  • Rear mounting of the carburetor in conjunction with reed valves gives you approximately 100% saturation of the crankcase with fuel resulting in more power and higher torque.
  • Excellent torque in the lower RPM range giving you the power needed to do torque rolls, tail slides, etc.
  • When flying in competition (or extreme conditions) loss of fuel to the carburetor is not possible. The carburetor will be in a static (calm air) environment affording you no short term richening of the carburetor. Example: When performing knife-edge flight, loops, and snap rolls, the engine will maintain power and run very smooth.
  • Reduced noise level.
  • The carburetor will not pick up any outside contaminants since it will be inside the cowl and/or the fuselage.
  • The carburetor is located away from the spinning propeller which allows safer and easier adjustments.
  • One of many simple ways to adjust the carburetor...
    Fit some gas line over the adjustment needles. Drill two holes in the fuselage (or cowl). Run the fuel line through these holes. Let a small amount of gas line extend beyond the fuselage and attach it to the fuselage. The tubes will act like guides for your screwdriver blade for easy and safe carburetor adjustments.
  • In the near future, 3W will offer a specially tuned air filter system which will add a 100 to 150 RPM increase.
  • Many of the US kit manufacturers offer a design feature that is excellent for the rear induction engine design. These kits normally have a rectangular motor box that would be perfect to static the carburetor in. You would just need to epoxy coat the inner walls of the box and add a small opening or air scoop for good ventilation. A photo of this installation will be enclosed with your engine.

In closing, for a minimal effort, you will immediately realize the full advantage of rear induction with the new generation of engines 3W has to offer. 3W is hard at work and staying on the cutting edge of two cycle technology so that you, the customer, are satisfied.

Thank You,
3W Modellmotoren