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Motor Starting

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is:
"How do I start my new motor?"


Before starting your engine make sure:
- The starting area is clear and safe.
- Nobody is standing in front of or next to the prop.
- One or two helpers is holding your aircraft.

1) Turn on the ignition.
2) Close the carburetor choke.
3) Use a starting stick or heavy protective leather gloves.
Flip over the prop a few times until the carburetor gets fuel
and the engine pops and runs for a few seconds.
Hint: Using 1/2 or full throttle setting will assist in priming.
4) Open the carburetor choke.
5) Lower the throttle to near idle.
6) Flip over the prop a few times until the engine starts.


Happy Landings,
The A.I. Tech Department