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Product : PB-3520

Product description


The GPS sensor was originally introduced to provide a means of speed-dependent gain adjustment for our iGyro, but the GPS II is an entirely new development, and can now be used with all current telemetry systems.

The core values are very impressive: the latest generation of GPS receivers are extremely agile and capable of measuring speed even when there are rapid changes in speed or direction. The radial helical aerial provides outstanding reception in any flight attitude, while the supplementary pre-amplifier improves reliability of reception under difficult conditions.

The GPS II module is a very compact unit which virtually any model can accommodate. The integral LED provides information about the receiver status.


It is possible to set up alarms, addresses and other parameters using the PowerBox USB interface and the free PowerBox Terminal program; the actual facilities vary according to the telemetry system in use. However, the USB interface function can also be carried out by the USB adapters made by Jeti or Multiplex.

Software updates can be loaded using the USB adapter, so there is nothing to prevent future expansion.

The following parameters are measured and calculated by the GPS II: three-dimensional speed, altitude, distance, distance covered and geo co-ordinates. Most radio control systems can record these data, and they can then be reproduced on the computer as three-dimensional maps.

The GPS II is Plug 'n Play: no additional devices are required. The patch-lead for connecting the unit to the receiver or expander is included in the set.


  • Latest generation of GPS
  • Helical aerial for panoramic reception (even inverted)
  • Reception even under difficult conditions
  • Fast response to speed changes
  • GPS status indicator LED
  • Accurate 3D speed
  • Altimeter function
  • Distance function
  • Distance covered
  • Geo co-ordinates
    • Supports the following telemetry systems:

              Futaba FASSTest

              Multiplex M-Link

              Jeti EX

              Graupner/SJ HoTT

              Coming soon: JR DMSS

    • Update-capable

Technical Data

Operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
Current drain Power-on state max. 60mA
Supported RC systems FASSTest, HoTT, Jeti EX, M-Link, JR DMSS coming
Dimensions 58 x 18 x 17 mm
Weight 14g
Temperature range -30°C bis +75°C



Operating Instructions GPS II (PDF)

Certification GPS II (PDF)


Test GPS II in "Aviator" Print Version (PDF)

Test GPS II in "Flugmodell" Print Version (PDF)

Test GPS II in "RC Jet International" Print Version (PDF)

PowerBox GPS Sensor II
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