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31% Giles G-202
Designed by Wolfgang Matt for 3W,  this plane complies with T.O.C. Rules
3W Giles G-202
  31% 43%
Wing Span: 83" 114"
Length:   110"
Wing Area:   2740" sq in
Weight: 15-18 lbs 34 - 38 lbs
Engine: 3W-24


The G-202 Features:

Gel-coated fiberglass fuselage
Pre-built wings and stab (removable)
Sleeves for wingtube and
stabtube installed

Ailerons, elevator, and rudder
ready to be hinged

Landing gear support installed
Firewall Installed

Bolt on your 3W Motor, install your radio, cover the wings and stab with your preferred covering and fly like in the T.O.C.

Photography By: Kevin Schlosser


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43% Kit
(Level 1)
43% Kit
(Level 2)
43% Kit
(Level 3)
31% Kit
(Level 1)
31% Kit
(Level 2)
31% Kit
(Level 3)

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Here are some more pictures of Mike Rigsby's 3W Giles 202. Notice the size of the aircraft
(and the size of the smile on Mike's face).

I talked to Mike, during the photo shoot, asking him his impressions of the giant. He told me, "I don't want to sound severely biased but this plane is the smoothest and most awesome thing I've ever flown."

Take a look at the tail and notice how huge this aircraft really is. If you look close, you will notice the size of the servos in relation to the tail surfaces. Also note the separate elevator servo mounted in each half of the stabilizer. This setup makes the radio installation much cleaner and easier.
Here is a view from the nose.
That's a 3W-140iB2F (front Intake)
under the hood.

If you're going to run with the big dogs,
you might as well have the bark
and the bite to go with it!

You can hear the primal Tim Allen
grunts coming from the pits already.

Photography By: Kevin Schlosser

g202_nose.jpg (12528 bytes) Here is Andy Kane's 3W Giles 202.

He's got a  3W-140iB2F under the hood which gives the G-202 awesome unlimited performance.  The plane is flown under the control of a JR Radio System.


Just to put things in perspective, Gerhard and Andy aren't short guys.  That is a nine and a half foot wing!  Any bigger and one of them could climb in!

3w_logo2.gif (16718 bytes)

g202_wing.jpg (13511 bytes)
g202_tail.jpg (15730 bytes) Andy's plane is done in a red, white, and blue color scheme.  The blue and white are separated with a red pinstripe.

By the way, the white fuselage is not paint... It's the white gelcoated fiberglass left natural.  If white is planned in your paint scheme, it's easy to save time and effort by just leaving the gelcoat as-is.  It looks great without ANY paint, even a clearcoat isn't needed.  Just mask and prep only the areas receiving color, shoot your paint, and enjoy saving half the time!   Nice feature.