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"Roland Matt Scheme"
3W 40% Extra 330S shown

"Blue Racing Flag"
3W 40% Extra 330S shown

"Manhattan Tribute"
3W 40% Extra 330S shown

Aircraft International

  • Control surfaces pre-hinged but not glued (model owners have their own glue preferences)
  • Expertly covered in Ultracote
    then finely sanded and painted
  • Airbrushed automotive colors have a flexing additive to prevent chipping
  • All painted surfaces have a protective clear coat applied
  • Landing gear painted
  • Wheel pants painted and installed complete with wheels and axles
  • Tail wheel bracket & wheel installed
  • Canopy trimmed and attached to canopy frame with ~90 stainless hex-drive screws
  • Canopy mounts installed
  • Cowl painted & trimmed to accept 3W tuned canister exhaust system
  • Tank tray provided for fuel and smoke

All 3W kits are available
airbrushed in a number of different
paint schemes.

Please contact us for availability.

3W Takes "Almost ready to fly" to a whole new extreme! These photos show
exactly how highly prefabricated these kits really are.  These aircraft were pulled
out of the boxes and fitted together just moments before these photos were taken. 

"Rain Drop"