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3W 40% Extra 330S  

Ransom Fairchild - USA

Tyler Fischer - USA

Control Surfaces
  • Balsa sheeted foam wing
  • Stab and rudder sanded and
    ready to be covered
  • Wing and stab tube sockets installed
  • Tunnel for servo leads installed in wing
  • Control surfaces cut out, boxed in, leading edge beveled, and ready to be hinged
  • White gel-coated fiberglass fuselage
  • Wing and stab tubes installed
  • Composite landing gear
  • Fiberglass wheel pants
  • Carbon fiber tail wheel bracket
Wing Span: 118"
Length: 112"
Wing Area: 2670"sq
Weight: 36 - 39 lb
Engines: 3W-140iB2/F

Get a Patty Wagstaff Extra 330S
pre-covered and pre-painted
as you see it here.

Many more photos of this plane HERE or
click HERE for an airbrushed version.


Boli Muentes - USA

40% Kit
(Level 1)
40% Kit
(Level 2)
40% Kit
(Level 3)

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